The Indonesian National Team Was Able to Conquer Burundi 3-1 on The FIFA Match Day Event

JABAR EKSPRES — The coach of the Burundi national team, Etienne Ndayiragije, assessed that the Indonesian national team played much better than their team when Burundi lost 1-3 in the FIFA match day match which was played at Patriot Candrabagha Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (25/3).

In that match, Indonesia, which appeared dominant in the first half, led 3-0 before halftime through goals from Jacob Sayuri, Dendy Sulistyawan and Rizky Ridho. Burundi were then able to get a consolation goal through Pacifique Niyongabire in the second half.

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“Congratulations to the Indonesian national team for being able to take advantage of the various opportunities that were obtained, which was crucial in a match. Congratulations also because they played a good match,” said Ndayiragije on Saturday (25/3).

Ndayiragije, who has only been in charge of the Burundi national team since last January, said that his team only had a short time to prepare, besides that the team had just been formed. Thus, it is not surprising that Burundi had difficulty facing the Indonesian national team in the first round.

“Previously I only had two days since meeting with all the players, then doing three training sessions. But I saw our players develop during the game,” added the former Tanzanian national team coach.

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How do I do it? Also do not want to blame the rather slippery field conditions because before the match took place the field had rained. He considered that the Indonesian team also faced the same challenges regarding weather and field conditions.

“During yesterday’s practice it was quite dry, but today it was a little slippery in several parts. But it’s not only in our team. I see a similar problem experienced by the Indonesian national team,” said Ndayiragije.

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