National Fried Rice Day in the United States, A Simple Dish That’s Beloved Worldwide

JABAR EKSPRES —Did you know that in this world, there’s a national day celebration you might not expect, like National Fried Rice Day? Every September 20th, residents of the United States get ready to celebrate one of the most beloved international dishes, fried rice, by observing National Fried Rice Day.

This event is eagerly anticipated by food enthusiasts across the country, where they can enjoy various variations of fried rice from around the world and celebrate this global delicacy.

Fried rice is a dish that originates from Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia, but it has spread worldwide and become a favorite in various countries, including the United States.

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This dish is made from rice that’s fried with seasonings and additional ingredients like meat, seafood, vegetables, and eggs. The uniqueness of fried rice lies in the variety of recipes and cooking methods that can be adjusted to suit individual tastes and cultural preferences.

National Fried Rice Day in the United States is an opportunity for people to celebrate the culinary diversity of the world and appreciate the different cultural contributions in creating this dish.

Various restaurants, eateries, and culinary communities often hold special events on this day, offering a variety of fried rice versions from various countries like China, Thailand, India, Japan, and many more.

Apart from celebrating the deliciousness of fried rice, National Fried Rice Day is also a chance to understand the history and culture associated with this dish. Fried rice plays a significant role in the culinary heritage of Indonesia and has become an integral part of the country’s culinary identity.

Through this celebration, people can learn more about the origins and development of fried rice and how this dish has become so popular worldwide.

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