Germany Players Cover Mouths in Team Photo, LGBT Support

Editor: The German national team cover mouth. The German national team took an unexpected action during a team photo session. They took action to keep their mouths cover.

It’s not without reason they did that, because it turns out that the German national team has a different view of what’s going on. Previously, there were rumors that the German national team would still use the love captain’s armband in the Group E phase match of the Qatar World Cup.

In the team photo session ahead of the match kick-off, all the German players demonstrated closed poses.

All the German players made a silent move including their captain Manuel Neuer. Neuer has also been shown to hide the captain’s armband. The DFB, the German football federation, then provided clarification regarding the unnatural photo pose. According to them, this is a form of protest against the silencing at the 2022 World Cup. The DFB also discussed the ban on wearing the “One Love” rainbow captain’s armband in Qatar.

Through his Instagram, the DFB finally gave an explanation why the German national team did that.

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