Badau Customs Patrols Improve RI-Malaysia Border Surveillance

JABAR EKSPRES – The Customs and Excise Supervision and Service Office of Type C Nanga Badau has tightened supervision of illegal goods by patrolling a number of border posts between Indonesia and Malaysia in Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan.

“The entry and exit of illegal goods is quite prone to occur at the border, so we work closely with the Pamtas Task Force to carry out regular patrols at a number of surveillance posts,” said Head of Nanga Badau Customs Heri Purwanto, as quoted by from Antara News in Badau District, Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan, Monday (9/18).

According to Heri, the Nanga Badau Customs supervision post is quite far from the Badau Cross Border Post (PLBN) area, so the personnel in the patrol use two-wheeled vehicles. When carrying out land patrols with Satgas Pamtas soldiers, no illegal goods were found.

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Nevertheless, supervision at a number of vulnerable points will continue to be improved by collaborating with all relevant parties to anticipate the smuggling of illegal goods, both from Malaysia and from Indonesia.

“It takes the role of all parties to monitor the circulation of illegal goods, including the community and other related parties,” explained Heri.

In addition to routine patrols, Nanga Badau Customs also continues to socialize and educate the public to take advantage of the existence of PLBN Badau as an official route in moving in and out of goods legally, especially for export activities.

Heri explained that based on the Minister of Finance Regulation Number PMK-188 / PMK.01 / 2016 concerning Organization and Administration of Vertical Agencies of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, the Nanga Badau Customs supervision area consists of Kapuas Hulu Regency and Sintang Regency which are directly adjacent to Malaysia.

“We have surveillance posts, namely Merakai Panjang Post, Nanga Bayan Post, and Jasa Post,” he said.

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