What is World Patient Safety Day? Find Out Here!

JABAR EKSPRES — Every year, on September 17th, the world celebrates World Patient Safety Day. This is an opportunity to pay special attention to efforts made worldwide to improve the quality of healthcare and reduce the risks that patients may face.

World Patient Safety Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of patient safety in all aspects of healthcare, from diagnosis to treatment and monitoring. Patient safety takes center stage because every year, millions of patients around the world experience injuries or even die due to preventable medical errors.

Efforts to enhance patient safety involve various aspects, including better care standards, improved training for healthcare professionals, advanced medical technology, and enhanced communication between patients and healthcare providers. World Patient Safety Day serves as a platform to remind all parties of their commitment to avoid fatal errors.

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One crucial step in improving patient safety is fostering a culture that prioritizes safety in every medical action. This means involving all members of the healthcare team, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical personnel, in efforts to reduce risks and prevent errors.

Furthermore, education and training continue to be upgraded to ensure that healthcare professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide safe and effective care. The use of medical technology also plays a significant role in supporting patient safety, with electronic medical record systems and sophisticated medical devices that can identify potential risks.

In commemorating World Patient Safety Day, patients are also given a more active role in their own care. The more patients are involved in making decisions about their own treatment, the better their chances of avoiding the risks of medical errors. Open and honest communication between patients and healthcare providers is crucial in creating a safe care environment.

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