Shouts of “I Love You, Mr. Jokowi” were Heard at Chow Kit Market

Of course, it was not only shouts of support for Mr. Jokowi that were heard there. There were also those who shouted, “Long live Anwar”.

The deeper into the market, the more crowded the welcome became. Being able to take a selfie with two leaders of the government of the same country among the sea of people there is certainly a fortune.

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Several times President Jokowi took selfies with traders and market visitors. The President was seen asking and operating the cell phones of those who wanted to take a selfie with him.

After almost all the stalls were passed, the song Indonesia Raya began to play, accompanying the steps of the President and the Prime Minister leaving the market, which even though since morning was tightly guarded by security forces, the location could still be visited by the public to shop.

They Said

Wakiah from Bawean, East Java, who said she had lived 28 years in Malaysia, was a fan of Jokowi, even before he became president. Therefore, she was willing to leave her work for a moment to meet him.

“Just want to meet, dear (with President Jokowi),” said Wakiah. Then he continued his sentence, “Not willing if he stops being president.”

Kuswatun Hasanah, an Indonesian citizen from Lumajang, East Java, who has lived in Malaysia for more than 30 years, admitted that she only became a fan of Jokowi when he became president.

When a man suddenly came and asked what Mr. Jokowi was actually doing there?

The mothers compactly answered, “Yes, he wants to see his children (Indonesian citizens). There are many children here, sir. The father came to see his children.”

Kuswatun said they were willing to take a vacation in order to meet Mr. Jokowi. For them, the presence of President Jokowi at Chow Kit Market is a very rare opportunity. Therefore, they are willing to leave their daily activities to meet Jokowi.

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