Shouts of “I Love You, Mr. Jokowi” were Heard at Chow Kit Market

JABAR EKSPRES – The atmosphere at Chow Kit Market in the heart of Kuala Lumpur was boisterous on Thursday afternoon. Not because many people wanted to shop, but because they wanted to meet President Joko Widodo.

That afternoon, the number one person in the Republic of Indonesia did blusukan with Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. And, the chosen location is a traditional market, which happens to be many Indonesian citizens (WNI) who work and live in the area.

Since morning they have been patiently waiting. In order to meet the president who likes to do blusukan to meet his people.

Hysterical cries from mothers could be heard at the front of the market as soon as the motorcade carrying the two government leaders of the two neighboring countries arrived.

It wasn’t long before they started calling out, “Mr. Jokowiiiiiiii”. Interspersed with shouts of, “Aaaaa…”.

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Other shouts were often heard, ‘I love you, Mr. Jokowi’ (I love you, Mr. Jokowi)”.

If the Malaysian media wrote that President Jokowi’s presence in the market was greeted like a rock star, then that is the fact.

Chow Kit Market is just like any other traditional market in Indonesia. Of course, complete with a distinctive aroma that sometimes makes visitors have to cover their noses.

But that afternoon, who cared about the pungent aroma. Chow Kit Market turned out like Bukit Jalil National Stadium, which on March 4 was also boisterous with fans of Blackpink, or like Cheras, which at the end of 2022 was crowded with supporters of the Garuda national team, which was winning 7-0 against the Brunei Darussalam national team in the AFF Cup.

It was packed with fans of President Jokowi. Not just hysterical mothers, not just young people, not just market traders, Indonesian citizens who deliberately came all the way to Chow Kit Market were hysterical there.

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