Police Have Returned Vehicles Caught in Raids During Ramadan to Owners

JABAR EKSPRES — The Malang City Police (Polresta), East Java, returned a number of motorized vehicles to their owners that were previously secured in raids during Ramadan due to non-compliance with regulations and indications of illegal racing in this area.

Malang City Police Traffic Chief, Kompol Akhmad Fani Rakhim, in Malang City, Thursday (27/4), said that there were approximately 211 motorized vehicles that were secured, one of which was for using exhausts that did not match factory output.

“There were 211 two-wheeled vehicles secured during the raid some time ago. The owners have taken 41 units, and currently 170 units remain,” said Fani.

Fani explained that the owners of vehicles that did not comply with the provisions could pick up their vehicles after checking the completeness, such as vehicle number certificates (STNK) and motor vehicle ownership books (BPKB).

In addition, he continued, for vehicles that do not use standard factory exhausts must bring spare parts according to the standard. Vehicle owners must replace exhausts that are not in accordance with the provisions and replaced with standard factory parts.

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“For the sake of public order, we return the standard form, so that it is in accordance with technical specifications so that the vehicle is safe to use on the highway,” he said.

He added that if the vehicle that has been recorded later commits another violation, the Malang City Police will secure the vehicle for a longer duration to provide a deterrent effect.

“According to the instructions, if it is caught again, we will secure it longer as a form of deterrent effect to the violators,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the parents of the vehicle owner who violated the provisions, Daruli (41), from Pasuruan City added that his son’s vehicle was secured by the police because it used an exhaust that did not comply with the provisions.

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