Mentan Releases 700 kilograms of Fruit Fly-Free Mangoes to Arabia

JABAR EKSPRES – Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo has exported 700 kilograms of fruit fly-free mangoes from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia.

In addition, hundreds of chicks to East Leste were developed by the Ministry of Agriculture’s Agricultural Instrument Standardization Agency (BSIP) for tropical fruit crops.

Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo accompanied by Bogor Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto and Head of BSIP Ministry of Agriculture Fadjry Djufry at BB Biogen field road, BSIP Agriculture Complex Cimanggu, Bogor City, Thursday, checked first the quality of fruits and chicks that are ready to be exported.

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“There are our KUB chicken seedlings, native chickens to East Leste, there are our mangoes that are now in demand all over the world, even Japan, Korea are now open,” said Mentan when interviewed after the activity.

Syahrul said that the open export of mangoes and other agricultural commodities is the struggle of President Jokowi.

The head of BSIP, Fadjry Jufry, mentioned that there are approximately 130 types of mangoes and 5,000 chicks per year that have been exported to Timor Leste.

The sale of agricultural commodities, including livestock such as chickens, cannot be separated from the quality standards that BSIP promotes to farmers and breeders.

Agrostandards socialized by BSIP to all Indonesian farmers will provide added value to Indonesian agricultural products to penetrate the international market.

Fadjry said there are approximately 14 draft Indonesian national standards (SNI) that have been produced, for three to four months by BSIP experts and partners.

Among them, four SNIs including one SLPro have been completed. In the future, SLPro will be encouraged, which will be prepared in one or two months. Yakbi LSPro Plantation, SLPro Food Crops, LSPro Animal Husbandry and Animal Health, LSPro Horticulture, LSPro Agriculture, LSPro Halal Food, and other LSPros.

While this has been initiated, LSPro Personal is related to how to optimize Indonesian resources.

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