Rumah Zakat Unfurls The Red and White Flag on The RI-Malaysia Border

JABAR EKSPRES – Volunteers from Rumah Zakat West Kalimantan together with a joint team unfurled a large Red and White flag on Sepandan Island in the Danau Sentarum area, Batang Lupar Sub-district on the Indonesia-Malaysia border in Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan.

“The Red and White flag that we unfurled involved a number of joint teams and volunteers to foster the spirit of independence and a sense of nationalism,” said Rumah Zakat West Kalimantan Manager Asrul Putra Nanda when contacted by ANTARA, in Putussibau Kapuas Hulu, Monday night.

For the record, the 20×8 meter Red and White Flag was unfurled on Sunday (8/13) to celebrate the 78th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

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Asrul said that when the flag was unfurled, the condition of Lake Sentarum was dry due to the dry season, so the joint team and volunteers used motorbikes to get to Sepandan Island with a lot of muddy struggles and ups and downs due to slipperiness.

He said one of the reasons for unfurling the Red and White Flag on Lake Sentarum was because to get to Sepandan Island with the current dry conditions requires quite an extra struggle and cannot use water vehicles, but uses motorbikes with muddy conditions.

“We hope that the struggle can arouse the fighting spirit of the younger generation in achieving their goals, and foster a spirit of struggle and nationalism,” he said.

In addition to unfurling the Red and White Flag, Asrul said his party conducted social services by distributing a number of basic necessities and shoes to a number of school children in Badau District, Kapuas Hulu.

“We distributed 200 Red and White Flags to residents to be installed or flown in front of their respective homes,” said Asrul.

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