Donald Trump Became The First US President to Ever Indicted as A Criminal

JABAR EKSPRES – Former President of the United States Donald Trump officially indicted for bribing adult movie star Stormy Daniels to kept silent about having an affair with him.

New York Jury has voted to convict Donald Trump of bribing $130.000 to adult movie star Stormy Daniels before his elections in 2016.

Making him as the first United States President to ever indicted with criminal action. The indictment appears when Donald Trump attempted to run for office 2024.

With the decision, Trump was obliged to come to Manhattan for fingerprints. Other process will follow afterwards.

His lawyer, Susan Necheles, already knew about the indictment. Confirmed by Trump’s other lawyer Joe Tacopina said that he will surrender next week.

“The ex-President will surrender himself about next week,” Tacopina said.

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This case begins from district attorney investigation of Trump’s organization. The fact spilled when Trump changes his lawyer, Michael Cohen.

This also adds another fact that Cohen paid Daniels – which also known as Stephanie Clifford – to stay silent about the sexual relationship allegation in 2006. Trump married with his wife Melania Trump at that time had her first child Barron.

Trump repeatedly denies these allegations against him and stated that he never done anything wrong.

“The democrats are lying, deceiving, and stealing from their obsession in trying to ‘get Trump’, but now they have done the unthinkable before. Indicting a person that is clearly innocent in blatant acts of ‘election interference.”

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