COVID-19 Task Force Issues Protocol Rules for Endemic Transition Period

JABAR EKSPRES – The COVID-19 Handling Task Force issued health protocol rules during the COVID-19 endemic transition period as the spread of cases was controlled.

The adjustments are listed in the COVID-19 Task Force Circular Letter No.1 of 2023 concerning Health Protocols during the COVID-19 Endemic Transition Period.

The circular letter signed by the Head of the National Disaster Management Agency as Chair of the COVID-19 Handling Task Force, Lt. Gen. Suharyanto in Jakarta on Friday explained that the issuance of this Circular Letter also revoked Circular Letter No. 24/2022 concerning Domestic Travelers, Circular Letter No. 25/2022 concerning Foreign Travelers, Circular Letter No. 20/2022 concerning Large-Scale Activities, and Circular Letter No. 19/2021 concerning Task Force in Public Facilities.

The regulation states that the development of the situation of controlling the SARS-CoV-2 virus with the condition of the spread of cases in the world and Indonesia which is increasingly under control, high public immunity, and relaxation of transportation policies in several countries, as well as the results of cross-sectoral evaluations of COVID-19 control are the background for the issuance of health protocol rules during the COVID-19 transition period.

The latest circular generally regulates health protocols for all people who want to travel within and outside the country, perform large-scale activities, and activities in public facilities to take personal protection or responsibility to prevent transmission of COVID-19 with several recommendations.

First, keep vaccinating against COVID-19 until the second booster, especially for vulnerable people such as the elderly and comorbid.

Second, it is allowed not to use a mask for people who are healthy and not at risk of COVID-19 transmission and it is recommended to keep using a mask properly if they are unhealthy or at risk of COVID-19 transmission.

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Third, it is recommended to continue to carry hand sanitizer or use soap and running water to wash hands to avoid the virus.

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