Bank Mandiri: Gender Equality Must be Maintained in The Executive Ranks

JABAR EKSPRES – Bank Mandiri Deputy President Director, Alexandra Askandar, said all companies, especially banks, must maintain the importance of gender equality in the company’s executive ranks.

Gender equality refers to the balanced composition of male and female employees at the lower, middle and executive management levels.

“We must ensure that this balance is maintained at the top leadership level where at Bank Mandiri at the beginning the composition was 50 50, in ‘middle management’ the average was 30 percent, then it became 20 percent, but now if we talk about the ‘board of directors’ the figure is more 25 percent,” Alexandra said in Jakarta, Thursday (6/8).

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In addition, Alexandra appreciates the commitment of the Ministry of SOEs to continue to maintain gender equality by setting a minimum of 25 percent female leadership in state-owned companies.

Bank Mandiri is also committed to fostering and developing women to be able to work flexibly, she said.

“For our female employees who are interested in developing their careers, we fully support them by providing training, workshops and mentorship,” she said.

Bank Mandiri has made significant progress in implementing gender equality. In 2021, female employees reached 43 percent, and 30 percent of them held key leadership roles.

This was conveyed by Alexandra in a discussion forum entitled “Empowering Woman” as well as the launch of the book “Empowering Women: A Collection of Thoughts to Advance the Workplace” initiated by Kearney. The book features stories of women who have broken through various barriers to become successful leaders.

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