Train Tickets can be Booked 90 Days Before Departure

JABAR EKSPRES – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) has extended the booking period for long-distance train tickets. Where prospective passengers can buy 45 days, even 90 days before departure time.

It is known, previously KAI imposed long-distance train ticket bookings can only be booked within a period of H-30 before the train departure day.

Vice President of Public Relations of PT KAI, Joni Martinus said that starting June 10, 2023 prospective passengers can buy Long Distance train tickets 45 days before departure. Then, as of July 1, 2023, you can buy tickets 90 days before departure.

“The extension of the ticket booking period is an effort to improve KAI’s services by providing wider opportunities for the public in planning their trips by train,” said Joni Martinus in his statement, Thursday (6/8).

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Joni appealed to customers to pay attention to the train departure schedule listed on the ticket or e-ticket. This is in line with the implementation of the 2023 GAPEKA (Train Travel Chart).

In addition, KAI reminds all customers to get off at the station as stated on the ticket. If the customer is found deliberately getting off beyond the station listed on the ticket, then the person concerned will be dropped off at the nearest station.

To prevent this from happening, Joni explained that conductors are equipped with the Check Seat Passenger application. So that they can find out the identity of the passenger, the seat, and the relation of the ticket purchased.

“KAI continues to adapt to the wants and needs of customers. It is hoped that the extension of the ticket booking period will increase public interest in using trains as a safe, comfortable, and healthy mode of transportation,” he said.

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