Indonesia-South Korea Develop Waste Management Technology

JABAR EKSPRES – The Indonesian government through the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) is collaborating with South Korea to develop environmentally friendly waste management technology.

This is one of the focuses in the cooperation that will be carried out by KKP with Pusan National University, South Korea through the establishment of a cooperation center for environmentally friendly marine technology.

“The reduction of marine debris and plastic is relevant to one of the KKP’s blue economy policies, which is to clean the oceans through the participation of fishermen, we call it the Sea Love Month program,” said Director General of Marine Spatial Management, Victor Gustaaf Manoppo, in an official statement in Jakarta, Monday (6/5).

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He mentioned that cooperation was also carried out in terms of developing technology in shipyards and the marine sector of the two countries.

This cooperation is the first step to explore in creating healthier oceans through the use of technology that can reduce marine debris and plastic so that it will contribute to the conservation of the marine environment, sustainable utilization of marine resources and the achievement of national targets to overcome the volume of plastic waste.

On the same occasion, Pusan University President Jeong In Cha revealed that the Hydrogen Ship Technology Center is an example of an environmentally friendly ship to collect and process marine debris floating in the sea.

“The Hydrogen Ship Technology Center is attracting great attention at home and abroad for promoting development projects and becoming an example of an environmentally friendly ship that collects and treats floating marine debris,” he explained.

In the future, he continued, Pusan National University (PNU) will make various efforts to strengthen joint research at the international level in the fields of engineering, environment and marine. PNU will also organize student exchanges or cooperation in the development of maritime policies and environmentally friendly policies.

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