Foreign Minister Retno Urges Political Solution to Rohingya Issue

JABAR EKSPRES – Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi has called for a political solution to the Rohingya issue, which is an integral part of resolving the crisis in Myanmar.

Speaking at a meeting on the Rohingya issue on the sidelines of the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York, Thursday (9/21), Retno reminded that the fate of Rohingya refugees is still unclear while the global situation and domestic conditions in Myanmar further complicate the resolution of this issue.

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“The resolution of the Rohingya issue should be part of the resolution of the political crisis in Myanmar,” Retno said when delivering an online press statement via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ YouTube channel.

She explained that the reintegration of Rohingya into Myanmar society should be part of an inclusive national dialogue agenda, which is encouraged by ASEAN through the Five-Point Consensus agreed as a solution to Myanmar’s political crisis.

Retno also emphasized that the repatriation of Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh must be facilitated in a voluntary, safe, and dignified manner.

“I also mentioned that ASEAN will continue to make contributions and ASEAN will never forget the Rohingya,” Retno said.

Furthermore, Retno also emphasized the importance of ensuring the availability of humanitarian assistance.

“Currently, more than one million Rohingya people are displaced and become refugees, while those who live in the Rakhine region are also facing a very difficult situation. They are vulnerable to becoming victims of organized crime,” she said.

Therefore, Retno said, support through the UN, ASEAN, and other international organizations needs to be strengthened to continue to ensure humanitarian assistance for Rohingya refugees.

The discussion activity “Have They Forgotten Us? Ensuring Continued Global Solidarity with the Rohingya of Myanmar” was co-sponsored by Bangladesh, Indonesia, Canada, Gambia, Malaysia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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