Indonesian Consumers’ Data Usage Awareness is the Highest in Asia Pacific

Jabar Ekspres – A survey by customer engagement communications platform Twilio revealed that Indonesians have the highest level of awareness in Asia Pacific regarding the use of consumer data by brands.

“Today, consumers expect brands to protect their data and be open about how it is used,” Twilio Vice President of Marketing Asia Pacific & Japan Nicholas Kontopoulos said in an official statement in Jakarta on Thursday.

Specifically, 68 percent of consumers in Indonesia have at least some level of awareness of how brands use consumer data, with 34 percent claiming to have full knowledge of how that information or data is used by a brand.

Indonesian consumers also appear to have a relatively high level of comfort in sharing personal data with brands provided that transparency and customization are guaranteed. Remember, most Indonesian consumers value personalized interactions.

Twilio’s “The Consumer Data Revolution in Asia Pacific” study explores consumer preferences, attitudes and expectations around data sharing and highlights opportunities for brands to strengthen consumer trust in a future where cookies no longer exist.

The report analyzes findings from a total of 1,500 consumers in the Asia Pacific region from Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Philippines, Japan, and includes 250 respondents from Indonesia.

For respondents in the Asia Pacific Region, Nicholas continued, good experiences and transparent policies proved to be the top two drivers of data sharing. This means that first-party data collection practices are critical to building deeper relationships with customers.

Other findings showed skepticism towards the use of third-party data and a general willingness of consumers to share data with trusted brands under the right circumstances.

Regionally, 6 out of 10 consumers are willing to interact with brands that obtain data directly from them. 89 percent of consumers in Indonesia, the highest across the Region, believe that personalizing interactions with brands adds value to the customer experience.

In Indonesia, 52 percent of customers have no objection to disclosing demographic data, while 49 percent are willing to share purchase history data. The high comfort level of Indonesian consumers in sharing data with brands is related to the high level of data awareness in the country.

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