From Recycled Clothes to Batik, Here’s the Excitement of Cirebon Batik Festival

CIREBONCirebon Fashion Carnival is one of a series of events included in the Cirebon Batik Festival (CBF). Cirebon Fashion Carnival itself will be held on Saturday, December 10 2022.

The Cirebon Fashion Carnival event does not only feature artists, but also Micro Small Medium Enterprise (MSMEs), to the SPKD (Regional Work Unit) of the Cirebon City Regional Government.

There are dozens of participants who will showing various fashion creations off. Whether it’s clothing from recycling, batik clothing, and others at this event.

The participants were divided into several groups. There will be one performer wearing a carnival costume to lead each group across the catwalk on the streets. Then, the participants will pass through the stage of honor in front of the Cirebon City Hall.

Iing Daiman, as Chair of the Cirebon Batik Festival (CBF) said that the Public Housing and Settlement Area Office (DPKRP) was the coordinator of the event.

Siliwangi Street, Cirebon City applying an open and close system while holding the event. However, several access roads to vital places such as roads to hospitals and hotels still opened.

Iing said, “This is the result of collaboration with various parties and I am grateful because there are 74 tenants participating in the Cirebon Batik Festival, including MSMEs in it.”

There are dozens of participants from banking, hospitality, and regional apparatuses as well as business actors in this Cirebon Fashion Carnival.

“Next, there is the Jalan Santai Sehati Berbatik. All participants will wear batik clothes. Then, there is also a competition for coloring batik motives for children, photography and videography,” he continued.

When opening the Cirebon Batik Festival, Nashrudin Azis as Mayor of Cirebon City said that this activity would start from 9 December to 12 December 2022, Friday (9/12/2022) at Transmart Cirebon, Cipto Mangunkusumo Street.

Azis said, this activity was one of the Cirebon City Government’s efforts to promote MSMEs. In addition, this event is also intended to introduce and invite the public, especially young people, to love Indonesian products.

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