Gibran Visits US to Promote Solo

JABAR EKSPRES – Surakarta Mayor Gibran Rakabuming visited the United States (US) to promote Solo through the Promoting Creative Economy for Sustainable Development event.

Head of the Protocol Communication and Leadership Administration Section (Prokompim) of the Surakarta City Secretariat Herwin Nugroho in Solo, Central Java, Thursday, said the official trip abroad began Thursday (9/7) until mid-September 2023.

“Yes, to promote the potential of Solo,” he said.

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Related to this, he said, Gibran had asked permission from Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo.


In addition, permission was also submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of State Secretariat and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Similarly, Surakarta Regional Secretary Ahyani said Gibran’s visit to Uncle Sam’s country was to promote Solo to the United States.

He said the visit was a request from the Indonesian Consulate General in New York.

According to him, the request had been submitted to Gibran since six months ago. At that time, a delegation from the Consulate General in New York came to Surakarta City Hall to meet Gibran directly.

Previously, Gibran intensively promoted Solo to a number of countries. Recently, Gibran also promoted Solo’s potential to Paris, France.

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