Islamist Group ‘212 Alumni Brotherhood’ Threatens Coldplay Upcoming Concert

JABAR EKSPRES – 212 Alumni Brotherhood (Persaudaraan Alumni 212 or PA 212), an Indonesian Islamist group, calls for cancellation of Coldplay upcoming concert in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Their Deputy General Secretary, Novel Bamukmin, said that the reason for refusing Coldplay’s upcoming concert in Indonesia is because the band allegedly supported LGBT rights and atheism which is contrary to the values of Pancasila.

The Islamist group demands the government to refuse Coldplay’s concert in Indonesia in order to maintain the integrity of the nation.

“Obviously, we are from PA 212 reject the Coldplay concert which supports LGBT. The government must firmly reject Coldplay to maintain the integrity of the nation, especially before a political party,” said Bamukmin.

“Because apart form Indonesia being a country with the largest Muslim population in the world, LGBT is also very contrary to Pancasila values,” he continued.

Novel Bamukmin also demanded the staff to cancel the invitation for Coldplay to perform in Indonesia. He thinks there are many other bands that are still worthy to perform in Indonesia.

“There are still other music groups that doesn’t supports LGBT and atheism”, he added.

Bamukmin also insisted that PA 212 will hold a demo against the Coldplay’s concert, referring to their last action against Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball World Tour in 2011.

“If they allow it, even continue to support it, we are very clear not responsible for the turmoil of the Muslim community because they might bring snakes, like when the Lady Gaga concert and Miss World, or they could block locations or surround airports,” he said.

Indonesian Netizen, on the other hand, thinks otherwise. Many netizens on the internet thinks that there is no correlation between Coldplay’s performance in Indonesia with LGBT propaganda.

What are the relations supporting LGBT with the concert? Coldplay came to Indonesia only to perform not for any random reasons… very weird,”

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